Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Finchford-Roubaix step closer.

Made it out for a nice spin to Finchford and back tonight with Kat, Mike Johnson and Chris Congdon. That's right. It's Captain Bob. You aren't seeing things. I rode with people again. It's been a while. Sure was nice too. They made me work harder than I wanted too. The easiest part of the ride was stuffing (not mailboxes, that's a crime), we put flier notices "near" the mailboxes of the residents of Finchford and the surrounding homes to let them know of upcoming race. I even recognized an old friend that I didn't know lived in the little development on turn three. That's the South East corner, right, turn three? Right. Anyways, it was nice to get out and ride. Good times.


Captain Bob


  1. Nice Post Capt. Bob - always good with the camera, keep getting out there with 'people.' Looking for some mtn bike Wed nights in the near future.


  2. Nice riding with you last night, Cap'n. Would never know you had surgery a few weeks ago.

    Travel safely and enjoy Hong Kong, Kat.

    I'm dying to know what was posted and deleted up above.


  3. It was a spam link. There have been a ton of them lately and didn't want anyone to fall into the trap. Virus!


  4. Little cubes of spam, wrapped in bacon, stuck with a toothpick ...
    Now you're talkin'

  5. mmmmmmm........ spam! lunchmeat of the gods!