Sunday, April 6, 2008

Veisha Mountain Bike Race.....

Saturday was a great. What made it great?
Great weather,
some fantastic Mountain Bike Racing @ Peterson Pits,
& good friends to share the day with.

John, Paul, Amy, & Mike left CF for Ames in time to get there for a few warm up laps.

John & I raced the Expert class, mainly for the miles and time. Paul raced Sport. It came down to 10 laps for Expert & 8 laps Sport. The fields were not large at all, most folks were in Altoona for some road racing.

Expert class start.

John & I rode the whole race together, trading pulls. It was a real pleasure riding with John. Hell he was riding well after his two week, no bike, vacation.

John & I dropping into the woods.

Paul riding well and having lots of fun.

We finished!

There were plans on riding to Albion after the race, another 35 miles. We were all pooped. Thanks to Amy for the great support, driving us around, taking pictures, and water hand-ups. Could not have done it with out you.


  1. Looks likes lots of fun - wish I could've been there. Wish I could be on a bike anywhere.

    How did the Fisher do on its first race?

    Good luck with Finchford next week-end.


  2. The Fisher worked well!

    Hope things are going well in Hong Kong!

  3. Nice racing guys! Wish I would have went with you.

  4. Love that big smile on Paul's face!