Monday, April 28, 2008

Iowa City Races

Bike Tech Racing headed down to Iowa City for the Saturday Road Race and the Classic Old Capital Criterium. John, Mike J, Landon, Richard, Kevin, Karen and Kat took part.

Saturday dawned cool and brisk with a sustained westerly 20mph+ wind that kept getting stronger as the day went longer.

Kathleen and Karen ready for the road race. Women's 4 had 3 laps on a 13 mile course winding through the Sharon Center area south of Iowa City and next to Kalona. This is Kat and Karen's second time racing this course and it has some nice winding and rolling hills. Some flat sections and a short climb.

Lined up and ready to go. A field of 22 women started for the W4s which is very encouraging for the women's racing scene. Nice to have the beginner category.

And they are off. All9Yards, Team Skin, Punk Rock Cycling
all had strong presence in the group. Field split in two on the north tailwind section in the first lap. Kat and Karen were in the second group. Not reeling in the lead group until starting into the second lap - but always within sight. The groups huddled together in the ferocious head wind sections going south and west. The lead group started breaking up as lap one ended. Hitting the tailwind sections we were able to catch up to racers getting dropped on the hills from the lead group of which was now a group of three who never looked back. So a now in a group of 10 or so kept the pressure on the tailwind sections as speeds hit the 40s - Kat clocked 41mph max for the day. So this group PRC, All9Yards, Team Skin and some others stayed together for the rest of lap 2 going into the headwinds again. Lap three - had PRC coach Donny telling his girls to attack as we hit the tailwind sections. Kat stayed on their wheels along with 2 other racers. The 5 of us would finish out lap three working together in the head winds. As finish line approached - Kat was out sprinted and settled for a 7th place finish with Karen finishing up a few places back.

Kevin Temple ready to go - missing the new jersey but we will get him outfitted real soon.
John surveying the Masters 40 & 50 contenders.
Landon, John and Richard - look happy to race before shivering takes over in the stiff winds.
John digging in deep after lap one - eyes ahead - looking to catch another racer.
Mike Johnson as he finishes lap one - some distance from the lead group as he decided to go off road a bit as the winds tossed riders around on the roads and he did some ditch riding to avoid the racers going down.
John sprinting for the finish line - yeah!! The crowd erupts in applause!
Here comes Richard - going for the line - just edging out the guy on his right.
The Old Capital Criterium - another story - what was forecasted to be a cold, rainy, possibly snowy race day brought dry and cool/comfortable conditions, less wind out of the NW and even sun! Race On and it was a classic. Kat and Karen raced the W4s - a 10 lap race. Kat's first Crit ever - a good one to learn on and learn she did.
Kat trying to stay with Karen on lap 5 or 6 I think on - couldn't stay with it as Karen was raring to go and getting stronger with each lap. Kat dropping further behind with each hill climb. Karen had a great race - well done team mate! At least Kat finished - She needs to learn how to corner.
The guys did a great job with Kevin Temple in the money with a 6th place in the Cat 4s - great to see him sporting the BTR jersey and racing hard with the lead group all the way.
Richard took off like a rocket in the Master 40 &50 for 15 laps the guys duked it out. Richard had a great race and finished strong.
John and Landon worked together to finish out the race - a hard one.
These three guys stayed together till the end - working the sections - this is the headwind section that takes you in front of the announcers and the finish line.
John heading for the finish line. Well done and way to go hard all the way.
Landon crossing the finish line - way to go!
Race recap with the Masters! That was some good hard racing for BikeTech sporting the new jerseys and jackets - and in fine form. A really great weekend of racing - super events - the Crit is a classic. A good job done by all. Reports may be coming from other folks so check back for more and perhaps some pictures from Kim. Check her blog for some additional pictures and a report as well.


  1. Kat - good job racing and reporting. It has been a real treat to watch your improvement.
    Good job.

  2. awesome!!!!! you guys and gals did awesome!!!!

  3. Good pictures and write up. Here's to the next event!