Thursday, April 24, 2008

Back in the Groove

Having spent the last 2 1/2 weeks Working in Hong Kong Kat is back in clean and rainy Iowa.

The sum of bicycle training for me was in the form of spin classes 3 days a week at California Fitness - 5 floors of workout areas - there are a lot of people in Hong Kong. Open air so no doors to the facility. Very nice equipment - escalators going up to each floor.

After the workout with Team spin instructors on Wednesday night sessions - with Sam and Liz.
So back on Iowa soil and the welcome back home ride Monday evening had John, Chris C. and Jeff K. joining in for some gravel and road on the cross bikes.

Rolling back into town on 12th street taking Jeff home.
We got to see where Jeff lives and now we know where the wild parties are going to be or where we can hold them.
The weather cleared up so the Thursday night group ride was on. The World Championships - had Brian B, the Jackal, Mike Fox and Super slim Mike Johnson (who had the fastest TT in the first of the spring TTs last night - way to go!) out for a cruise - windy from the SE so opted to head west out of town - headwind it back.
Mike J. sporting the new BTR jersey - looking good and he is now so slim and trim even this new jersey is too big - does that even look like Mike??
Nice to see Carl and Brian out for a good spin - good riding with you all. Not too wild - No World Championships - with a little sunshine after the rain - headed out 27th street to C57 and then north to New Hartford. Tailwinds out made for a nice fast ride.
After dropping one of the group on the 3 tiered hill out of New Hartford, Mike, Mike, Kat, and Carl took turns pulling into the head wind. Getting ready for the sprint - Mike J and Carl took off, Mike F chased pulled along side Mike J and I think took the win. Regrouping after the sprint to to the stop ahead sign at the intersection of Beaver Valley and Union roads.

Rolling back into town on W. 4th street. Brian, Mike F and Mike J - the edge of Carl showing.
The guys look in disbelief(?) right - as KAT took the last stop ahead sign on West 4th street - you've got to take them when you can.

Thanks for a great ride tonight guys - a good warm up getting ready for the Iowa City races this weekend.


  1. Great to have you back - Kat. Good to have you in the group, riding hard, taking pictures and doing the reports.
    Good luck with the Iowa City races - makes you glad to be passing up the Trans Iowa again this year. Geesh, it is going to be bad enough on the pavement down south.

  2. welcome back, kat! you sure had a motley crew with you on that group ride last night! :)