Sunday, April 20, 2008

Curciut racing in Dubuque - Eagle Point

-This isn't Eagle Point-

The closed 1 mile Circuit in the beautiful Dubuque Park is probably a lot more fun than what these guys are doing.

Richard, Landon and I drove thru very heavy fog for the 50+ 9:00 oooold guys race. I believe there were 13 of us at the start line and when it was over fast guy Tom Eaton took the group sprint going away. We were more than happy with our 4, 5, and 7th place finishes. Richard was a wild man out there today – he was all over the place – animating many fine moves.

After an hour break the three of us decided to race the 40+ - why not we drove over 100 miles and it is one of the best venues we race on all season. But, apparently we were too tired and in way over our heads. The main group shot of the line like a bullet and 6 of us were left with our pants down – never to make the bridge. All I can say is that we had a very good workout. I was disappointed that the three of us didn’t take the opportunity to works some tactics on the two guys we were riding with. Attack, counter attack, attack, count… We weren’t going to have much fun racing for 14th place, but we could have had some great fun working some team tactics.

Our very fast Kevin Temple and our good friend Karen S. were also at the races, but they are going to have to report on their events – I had to get home for 2:00 work.

Iowa City next week end. Road Race on Sat. and the nearly famous Old Capital Crit on Sunday. This is a good time racing and watching.


  1. Here are the excellent results from Karen and Kevin. Watch out, Karen is on the move. Finishing ahead of Andrea is a huge steep. And, Kevin finishing in the money - it is aways nice to finish in the money.

    Women's Open
    Williams Robin 1
    Meyer Anne 2
    Stierler Karen 3
    Venteicher Andrea

    Elite 4
    Aronsen Gregory 1
    Carrico Jim 2
    Christen Carson 3
    Tempel Kevin 4
    Oyen Jacob 5
    Fett Scott 6
    Timmerman Bruce 7
    Abel Jeff 8
    Leusch Tad 9
    Hartig Evan 10
    Klemish Matt 11

  2. Congratulations Karen and Kevin! Way to put it out there John, Richard and Landon. Good write up John, I am looking forward to a full weekend of racing.

  3. hi john ~ great to see you guys up at Eagle Pt. yesterday. Results were wrong - Andrea definitely finished way in front of me, but I had a good race. Tough to hang in with those fast girls, but I'm working on it!
    Looking forward to seeing you all in IC this weekend.
    ~ Kevin looked great yesterday in his race.

  4. Way to go Karen and I hope to be of help to you and the BTR women in IC and beyond. Tell me what to do and I'll be there. Should be a great event.

    Also great racing by the OOOOLD guys and their effort in the 40+ - right caught with your pants down - a lesson to learn over and over again. You guys are great - way to be for BTR - team tactics something this gal needs to learn - open to any an all advice.

    Wahoo - Kevin way to be!