Thursday, April 17, 2008

One more F-R pic

Yes, it was windy. And even a little cold, but an amazingly easy-to-ref race. Way to go BTR!

Snow man says "2 laps to go!"


  1. Thanks for the picture and helping out the BT effort - you are a great support - hope to see you at many other venues this season - what about the group rides - training rides???

    Adamson and I have morning training rides on TTH 9:00am meet at the coffee shop - come on down. You are a teacher - what's with the schedule - we will look for you. Alp du Huez (sp I think) guy that you are.



  2. Yeah, well with all the snow days my mornings are pretty solid until 2nd week of June! THEN things should be a bit more "normal." I'm hoping to hook up w/the evening crew - at least for the first few blocks until I get dropped. ;)

  3. So Keith - Kat and I well be ready for you, even if it is in July.