Saturday, June 21, 2008

Gravel Clinic Day 5 - the final exam

The final test for the Gravel Clinic was held at the Volga Recreation aaaah Place just south of West Union - The site of our Mt Bike Races in the 90's. Paul Meyermann's helped us out with the final test as he prepares for his trip to Columbine and back. Riding 35 miles of the sandy and very difficult course earned Paul enough credit to earn his GC Certificate - the test was 60% of the final grade.
Kat was required to do some extra credit to qualify for full credit - missing class is a serious problem. Based on progress made during the clinic Kat ended up with the top grade in the class.
She made a giant step in her trip to Leadville.
Mike Johnson earn double points for his participation and leadership of the 5 day Clinic. Mike had us work on hills, group tactics, drafting, bike handling, but we really concentrated on recovery, eating, sitting around and enjoying ourselves.
NEXT CLINIC - X racing to be held in the early fall .
More to come from my clinic mates.

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  1. Yeah, I think I am in the middle of the pack in the pic.