Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gravel Clinic Day 3

Gravel Clinic Day three was greeted with perfect attendance in addition to Scott D., who is auditing the course. Parkersburg is the destination for the day - headed out W12th.

Clinic Skills to work on for the day - drafting.

The Superfly 29'ers working well for Kat and Mike.

Gravel north from Stout on the way to Parkersburg - perfect weather with a light SW wind and lots of sun. Filling in the tan lines and getting some good tempo riding - the gravel resistance makes you work all the time. Still devastating in Parkersburg - this huge pile of debris is the site that greets you coming from the south on Hwy 14.

With more clean-up piles all around town - Parkersburg picks up the pieces still.The view looking west on Hwy. 57

Still so overwhelming - headed north out of town and back through New Hartford where they are also deep in recovery from the tornado AND the floods. The Kwik Star there will not re-open.
Speaking of recovery - Kat - post training at Kim's house finally getting to eat those brownies that have been calling to her.... mmmm some with frosting and some plain - all good. Thank's Kim.
Day 4 of the Gravel Clinic on Friday 8:30 Cup of Joe - get out there and don't skip class.

The final exam for the gravel clinic will be in Volga Saturday morning leaving CF 8:00am - plan on all day. So far - 3 bikes and bodies in Kat's vehicle - she can take one more of each and we can arrange for more vehicles if more want to take the final - let us know if you want to join - e-mail Kat

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  1. I understand that tomorrow's clinic is concentrating on the skill of recovery. Some are even going to take their recovery as a homework assignment, but we are expecting some visiting instructors to help with the class activity.
    Anyone with special needs could have an alternative assignment.
    Come out to Volga for some serious riding and a picnic and the rubber duck...