Sunday, June 8, 2008

Leadville Prep

Here are 7 Bike Tech Racers who earned a day of rest by riding over 100 miles of gravel on Sat.
Five of these guys are getting ready to race the Leadville Trail 100 Mt Bike Race.
That would be Kat Porter, Paul Meyermann, Doug Keiser, John Adamson, and Mike Johnson.
And Karen Stierler and Chris Congdon are just crazy enough to join in the fun.
Mike designed a great course that took us to Iowa Falls in a strong wind out of the SSW and back to CF.
The roads were in fine shape and the company excellent.
Below is an e-mail that I sent to my compatriots.
I hope they don't mine the public exposure - I didn't ask.
I apologize in advance if it does.

Below is a note from our fast and good friend from the road.  Don't
get me wrong - I'll never give up on dragging my friends out on the
gravel. I can hardly wait for the Colesburg race.
I wanted to thank Karen for coming up and sharing the day with us and
to let you all know that we are all present and accounted for. I got
a call from Mike - he was one mile away from making the call from the
hospital. But he stopped short of that and gave sweet Amy a call. I
understand that Chris was going to be a tuff guy and he took off to
finish the ride, but after Amy chased him down on the way back to CF
he begged like a baby for a ride. Both Chris and Mike made the 100
miles. I called Paul - I hesitate to call for fear for of telling
Priscilla that we left our friend and have no idea of where or how he
is - some friends, huh? He fought his way into Parkersburg and than
East to New Hartford and made the call at 105 miles. Paul said
something about running low or completely out of fun and couldn't
care less if his feet were on fire. Paul is a tough guy too and well
ride again. Doug, Kat and I follow Mike's good map in for 114
miles. Doug kept it so fast that we were very grateful for the
assist from the wind. What a great day of riding and I think we all
learned something about our conditioning and made some great steps
forward to our trip to Columbine and back. I am most pleased to see
the progress that Kat is making to her "big wheels"
We need to do some more of this. There is talk about two weeks from
now. Three big rides that we have talked of are
Doing several - I don't know - maybe 5 laps of the Volga race course
- 13 mile laps?
Two laps of the very difficult Colesburg race course -about 80 miles
And Mark Stevenson's - - death ride
about 115 miles on July 19. Could be a great final big
ride/test/adventure before the LT104
So, are you drinking water? - drink till your pee turns clear and save
a piece of pizza for me. Mine is all gone.

>> Karen Stierler wrote:
 Hi Kathleen and John ~
How did the rest of your ride go? It was great to see you today and
thank you for hanging back with the gravel wuss - don't think that
new big gravel is my thing although I did have fun on the other stuff. I'm impressed how you all just blow through those roads! I had a good ride back to CF. Just took 57 all the way in and got my 20 min. interval in that I was supposed to today. Wow - Parkersburg was just devastating to see. I've never seen anything like it. Ended up with a little over 60 miles - so it was an ok day on the bike.
Well, thanks again for the ride this a.m. and get some rest!

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  1. Thanks for the write up - as always a good report. This is certainly a journey - and you are the ring-leader - lead on.