Sunday, June 1, 2008

A lot of gravel

Bike Tech Racing racked up another 9 dirty hundys this weekend. Kathleen Porter and John Adamson had a long trip to Trear and back for some very fine long miles of gravel. Kat thought it was very long gravel.
On Sunday fellow LT 100 hopefuls Mike Johnson and Paul Meyermann joined Kat and John as the group continues to make the adjustment to riding their mt. bike. Riding X bikes and keeping the pace very fast were Pete Berendzen, Steve Bullerman and Robert Fry. Hoping for another cup of dirt we rode west of CF looking at the storm damage north of New Hartford, on to Aplington and back to Cedar Falls. None of us were prepared for the devastation that we saw with our stop in Parkersburg.
All I can say is that I had trouble finding the house - even the location of the house where we raised our boys and lived for 17 years.

photo by Kathleen Porter
Other than that - the day and riding were grand and we all feel like we are making progress for our trip to Columbine and back

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