Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Eleven folks - 5 racers and 6 support crew so far ensconced in Leadville, CO - 10,200 feet. Gorgeous place and a fine town. Getting ourselves ready - racers and crew headed to the Columbine mine - climbing to 12,600.

Getting Ready

Driving to the mountain base. This shot is south out of Leadville with Mt. Massive in the background - spectacular with the cloud in the foreground.

EPIC Riding

GRUELING - Doug in front - Kat following - one of the hike a bike sections with steep grade - rocks and gullies - heading to the top and leaving the trees.

STILL EPIC - Chris C. taking in the view at the top of the mountain.

But Beautiful - alpine flowers in full bloom.
Our group at the top - Kat, Doug, John, Chris, Mike and Paul looking good!


  1. Looks awesome! Thanks for sharin' the pix. Stay safe out there, you crazy kids.

  2. We wish that we were there with you guys, sigh... no Colorado for us this year, unless gas drastically drops! Have a great time and good luck!

    Chris and Steve

  3. lookin' good, folks! tear it up tomorrow!