Friday, August 8, 2008

Images from Leadville

It's Wednesday night, so it must be a mt bike ride - lights on in Leadville.

He can run to Colorado, but can't hide the truth - Kerkove is an IOWAN. We met up with Jeff at Provin' Grounds in Leadville. Check out his rig.

The Ergon Green Machine. Thanks for the grips and good luck to our Ergon team-mates Jeff and Dave.

Playing around on the Powerline. If you look real close, REAL CLOSE, you can see Paul way up high on the hill. Climb On, Paul!

Looking down the Powerline - John climbed a little higher so that he could have some privacy in the woods. He took care of business while we caught our breath.
Doug chasing Kat - it takes a tough guy to hang with our girls.
Thursday morning was the last ride before the race. We checked out the middle section of the course- we like to call it the flat section. So flat that Paul tumbles over his bars. Check out the views.

Friday morning. The gym is packed for the prerace meeting. Ken Chlouber, race founder, finally has some longer shorts - not too cheeky this year. Lance and Dave were there, and so were the five Bike Tech racers and Sweet Amy. While we like to make fun of Ken's shorts, he gives a heck of an inspirational speech. The snake oil was sold and we bought it all. Shame we have to wait til tomorrow for a race.
Lance and DaveStay tuned for updates and gabcasts - thirteen hours to go-time!

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