Sunday, September 28, 2008

Capital City Cross - X Season Starts

Opening day at the Iowa X racing series this week-end - headed down for Saturday's race only - a gorgeous warm day for racing and a very nice event at a new venue- well done. A challenging course with many acorns to contend with.

A few pictures to commemorate the event - more will follow along with results. Team effort to get the numbers pinned on to Mike J by our man John A - on lookers Steve and Chris Bullerman.

Hey Paul - way to put it out there. This is Mike (2nd race of the day - brutal) and our guy Paul - flying the BT colors and working hard - getting a drink and a laugh - you guys were awesome.

Landon and Steve - working hard and putting their all into the effort - winning positions for both. Awesome.

A gorgeous week-end to stretch out and feel the X legs. BT had a great showing: Kat, John (DNS - she injured and John crashed prior to start) - let the rest of the team pull through - great job all. Mike (2 races - working hard) , Landon, Richard, Steve ( threw it down - 2nd overall in the 123 and1st in his Masters Cat) way to go), Paul (looking good and in awesome form - go Blue - way to work it), Scott (great job for your first X race).

Go Team - more pictures and posts to come - look to Blue and Jackal as well.



  1. Geesh, Kat - It sure was fun WATCHING the races with you.
    Good report and racing by the team.

  2. it was a blast! thanks for the support and for laughing with me. :)

  3. MIke had an awesome time down there. Perfect weather for a cross race as well. Glad to see so much red and white out in force!

  4. ironic twist on things, Bunny visited Ottawa before I did. All my planning, calculating and figuring out when I can swing time off and how I’ll make my way over there, and at the drop of a hat.

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