Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cross out Crohns

Great day for racing in Newton.

Bike Tech swept the top three spots in the 50+ (Landon, Richard, & Blue)

Steve B took 6th in the 1,2,3's with Mike J taking 9th in the 4's.

Carl B local boy took 1st in the 4's.


  1. that was a blast!

    you guys got some great pics!

  2. Good job - boys. I'm hoping to help you old guys at the next X event - the ribs are getting better and the shoulder might be getting better. So, what happened to Doc Hopson in the 50+ race?
    Nice pictures Mike and Amy

  3. i think doc pulled a groin muscle on the barriers. that's what jackal said it looked like. too bad....

    heal up, john!

  4. Hope the recovery is going well Johnny - missed you! Thanks to the gang for coming over!