Thursday, July 30, 2009

More LT100 training - Colesburg

The Colesburg loop west of Dubuque was the training ground of choice last Saturday. A nice group convened bright and early - John, Mike, Jose, Connie, Kat, Paul and Jeremy F.

Each Colesburg lap is 40.9 miles of Gravel (some pavement)
Mission Accomplished -

Some numbers from the course to ponder:
Elevation Gain: 5478 ft
Elevation Loss: 5436 ft

These guys are right on with training as Mike is going for a sub 9 in '09 finish and is right on target, Jose will be at Leadville for the first time and - our man John -will be going for #11 - Awesome! And... Kat hopes to finish - just needs to make the time cuts.

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  1. Holy Cow, you guys are just a few weeks away from the big race! Good luck with the race and exceeding your goals.