Saturday, August 1, 2009

State Road Race Gold

A chilly Saturday morning with threatening clouds in West Branch - site of the State Road Race championships. The course consisted of a 27 mile hilly loop. Masters 40, 50 & 60 had to go 3 laps for a 81 mile race. John Adamson threw down and missed a nasty crash to win Gold... again!

Our teamie Kevin Tempel who has returned from a year Down Under - was in great racing form in the 4's who did 2 laps - a super finish although he wanted more... don't we all.John thought he would sit in this group of four heading to the up hill and into the headwind finish. But NO - he couldn't resist and was compelled to push it - of Course!

John breaking the group of 4 apart as it is still up hill after the feed zone. This after racing 80 Hilly miles....
Across the Finish line with Adamson in Gold - way to race for the team.

An excellent day of racing - oh yes, and Kat finished 4th in the W4s (2 laps) - in the money but no heavy metal to bring home. Always next year. See full results here.


  1. Kat - Thanks for the report. It was a very good day of racing, indeed.
    Kat did a very good job of racing - she stayed with the leaders while other just continued to drop off the pace ... it was classic racing

  2. congrats, folks! wish i could have been there! jackal told me all about it. said you guys were looking good!!!!

  3. Congrats all!!!

    Glad to see you again and chat!

    Bring home the buckles!