Thursday, May 6, 2010


Racing on the Hawkeye Downs Oval is always a treat.
7 of the SPOKES showed up for 4 separate races.
We were divided into two group - fast and much faster guys.
Our Southern contingent - Landon, Mark and Mark were in the really fast group.

Here we have Mark and Richard getting ready...
Both racers were were riding hard and had difficulties
Richard flatted out of a race and Mark crashed out of the second race.
Mark was riding at the front and doing a lot of chasing down attacks
when he got tangled up with some other bikes
He crashed hard and broke his collar bone in two places.
We wish him a fast and complete recovery
we heard his bike is good...
AND the Southern boys went home early

Nice shot of the fast guys

A miss and out was one of the 4 races.
Each lap the last racer across the line is out of the race - until there is just one left.
Here's how that went down.

These races are great fun
an opportunity to work on race strategy
and a serious workout.
The first and third Tuesdays of the month - for the entire summer


  1. Mark - major bummers about your collarbone! Sorry to hear about it. Don't let it thwart your enthusiasm though. You're really coming along - there's alot of riding time yet this summer!