Monday, May 10, 2010


We had a great day at the Scout Camp
It takes a village to put on a race
Cap'in Bob and his troops did everything you could possibly want for a Mt Bike Race.
There were folks registering racers, feeding racers, guiding racers, picking up after racers...
supporting racers in every way.

Nice to meet Karmen's parents - at their frist bike race.
happy Mother's Day.

We had some very good results.
Kat came in second - overall in the first race and won the old girls event in the sport race.
Landon got a second place in the 35+ Sport event
Karmen met her goal of staying ahead of several of the Sport women
good to see her in the new category.
John got to ride almost 35 miles of awesome trail on the new 29er.
And Paul - while he is recovering from a superman - got to be Cap'in go to guy.

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