Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Good racing at the oval
on the first and third Tuesdays of every month.
Below are the overall results of the six races for the night
The Spokes are looking good.
So, I guess Mark is back in form!!!
Random picture from another night

Night at the Oval results for June 6, 2010
Hawkeye Downs Speedway
Cedar Rapids, IA

The Rain and Storms held off until we were finished racing.
It made for a good night of racing.

Place Name (Category) Club

Overall placing for the night: ALL:
1 Mark Beatty (5) Twisted Spokes Racing
2 Karl Rosenber (40+) HBA
3 Brent DeGeus (5) Team New Pi
4 Landon Beachey (50+) Twisted Spokes Racing
5 Richard Gilmore (50+) Twisted Spokes Racing
6 Ian Robinson (40+) HBA
7 Brian Soppe (4) HBA
8 Kevin Westman (40+) unattached
9 Sara Swanson (W) ICCC
10 Dixie Church (W) HBA
11 Tim Smith (5) Trihawks or BIC
12 Anthony Montgomery (5) unattached
13 Vernon Rotert (60+) HBA


  1. Had a great time! Wonderful to have team mates to make it work! Good learning experience.Thanks to Richard and Landon for pulling me all night.


  2. Well, Mark way to take advantage of their assistance. Way to race hard. Teamwork is a wonderful thing. We don't get to take advantage of it very often.
    I hope you are thinking of the possible strategies for the State TTT - talk about team work!

  3. Well Done Mark and the Twisted Spokes. So glad you are back in racing form!