Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Great racing at a really big time race
Landon and John line up with the Masters 50 and 60+ group.
Richard going for the hole shot
Masters strung out at nearly 30 mph
Twisted Spokes in formation
John and Landon worked together for the duration
Great to have Mark back in the game
Mark raced easy and safe in the middle of the pack
protecting his shoulder
Big packs of racers all day
over 30 Cat 4's for the women
Early in the day the streets were wet and caused many crashes
Kathleen and Karen avoiding a down racer
The Memorial weekend races are the premier events in our area.
with big time Pro racers
and crowds of spectators - thousands of spectators
Put them on your calendar for 2011.

Stay tuned
More from Snake Alley and Melon City to come.

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