Monday, November 15, 2010


Getting ready for the Master's race
I was racing the 55+ group
along with teammate and fast guy Landon Beachy and Brother Richard Gilmore
and many more
In our start there were two other age groups and the Single Speeders
We are off on the paved section
the same as the final up hill finish
The course had a lot of variety and many challenging sections.
Landon got away from me and I was left racing for second
a good place to be - second isn't bad
For most of the race I was with Doc Hopson -Single Speed racer.
And my main competitor for this X season - Gerry Voeliger from the Dice Team
We have had a competitive and even year of X racing.For the most part I could get away from Gerry on the uphills and he would bring me back on the more technical section.
With three laps to go I caught and was sitting on Tony Hibbs wheel and he broke some caution tape and I got the enough tape wrapped around my cassette to make riding impossible.
I was very near the wheel pit and I decided to ride my SS instead of trying to unwrap the tape - it was really caught up and Gerry was starting to get away getting away from me.
Here's the good part
Gerry waited for me - he didn't want my mechanical to make the difference in the outcome of the race. What an honorable/classy move.
We rode a lap and I was really struggling on the SS - I'm sure it was going to be his race - second place and the Silver medal.
About half way in that lap I spotted Kat and yelled for her to
"fix my bike"
she did
and had it ready for me to ride the last two laps.
Thanks Kathleen
We exchanged bikes and I took off with a rage and got back to Gerry
and had to decide what I was going to do.
Gerry had waited for me - should I give him the Silver or make a race out of it.
He wanted to have an even race - not based on a mechanical mishap
race on
Putting in a very hard effort I got him by about 10 seconds.
Wasted at the end

Gerry is a really good guy and I'll always remember his gesture - and pay it back where I can.
Looking forward to Jingle Cross
John Adamson


  1. Great write up on the race - exciting to watch you race hard with Gerry. The caution tape was Really wrapped up tight around the cassette - I was hoping to it get clear by the time you made it back to the Pit! Glad I could help.


  2. Great report John and finish well done - good luck at JC!