Monday, November 15, 2010


The Iowa State X Champs were held last weekend in Altoona
There was a very good turnout considering the cold and windy conditions.
Some of the old guys lined up and ready to battle for gold, silver and bronze

Richard, John and Mark and Bananas in the back
Landon leading around the curves and hills
Landon ended up running away with the 55+ Cat
That's one Gold medal.

Mark Beatty on the finihing hill
Mark was racing in the 45+ Cat - and was just out of the money
Probably one of the deepest and most difficult Cats.

Brian West racing the Single Speed Category
Brian got third behind the two guys who also went on to win the 1, 2's Cat
Brain said those guys are just crazy fast.
Kathleen on the last big hill
Kat had the race of a season.
She got 2nd overall in the entire Women's Masters group
she won the 45+ Cat
That's 2 gold medals for the Spokes
Results here for the 2010 Iowa State Champions...

Gold - Brian Eppen (ICCC)
Silver - Kevin Mcconnell (ICCC)
Bronze - Nate Kullbom (Atlas)

Gold - Matias Perret (ICCC)
Silver - Chris Maharry (
Bronze - Alex Libin (University of Iowa)

Gold - Adam Ventling (Scheels)
Silver - Tyler Rushing
Bronze - Jon Sulzberger (Harpers)

Women's Cat1/2:
Gold - Robin Williams (ICCC)
Silver - Darcy Sanford (ICCC)
Bronze -

Women's Cat3:
Gold - Kim Eppen (ICCC)
Silver - Brittany Mcconnell (ICCC)
Bronze - Katie Fistler (PRC)

Women's Cat4:
Gold - Loren Usilowski (VelaRosa)
Silver - Tricia DeWall (ICCC)
Bronze - Sheri Robinson (Zealous Racing)

Gold - Tyler Rushing
Silver - Jacob Leih (DMOS)
Bronze - Chase Fletcher (DMOS)

Masters Men 35-44:
Gold - Kyle Sedore (
Silver - Geoff Perrill (ICCC)
Bronze - Jerome Rewerts (Zealous Racing)

Masters Men 45-54:
Gold - Cam Kirkpatrick (Rasmussen Bike Shop)
Silver - Todd Gillihan (Team Skin)
Bronze - Don Mashka (North Iowa Spin)

Masters Men 55+:
Gold - Landon Beachy (Twisted Spoke)
Silver - John Adamson (Twisted Spoke)
Bronze - Gerry Voeliger (DICE)

Masters Women 35-44:
Gold - Wanda Berg (Team Q7)
Silver - Darian Nagle-Gamm (ICCC)
Bronze - Julie Kirkpatrick (Zoom Performance)

Masters Women 45-54:
Gold - Kathleen Porter (Twisted Spokes)
Silver - Susan Cook (Zealous Racing)
Bronze - Dee Mable (VeloRosa)

Single Speed:
Gold - Brian Eppen (ICCC)
Silver - Kevin Mcconnell (ICCC)
Bronze - Brian West (Colorbiotics)


  1. Well done to John as well a HARD won Silver in the M55+. Thanks for the fine post. A great season with Twisted Spokes