Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Friday night racing at Jingle Cross
The conditions were not great, but the best we had for the weekend.
!COLD! But Ready to Rock!
Big fields in all the categories
Our friend Blue lines up with the 45+ men
Great images with the lights

And there is always good racing at Jingle Cross
Kat nearing the top of the really difficult climb up the backside of Mt. Krumpet - You know it if you've been there - steep and lumpy bumpy.
Looking down from the top of Mt, Krumpet
Kathleen near the bottom of the messy wet icy bumpy off camber downhill

Kat's conditioning and several years of experience have been paying off during the 2010 season
Kat was racing for 2nd place in the Woman's 35+ Cat - got passed on the tough uphill to the start of the zig zag and she thought - Darn another Girl - where did she come from! Kat did better on the technical slippery down hill to pass the contender on the last lap. Going through the Grinch's Lair - thought she had the lead in good stead - and instead - with losing some concentration at the line she got caught, and ended up 3rd - Due to some confusion by the officials she was given 4th place
and was
of a chance to stand on the podium of one of the biggest events in the country.
but still very satisfied with the 4th place. You never know.
Later the results were corrected and
Kathleen Porter
Twisted Spokes Racing
was given 3rd place - Good hard racing effort - and that is what it is all about.
Time on the podium is great - doesn't happen often for this Masters 35+ girl. Learned her lesson to Always Race to the Finish.

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  1. We sure like to get credit for our efforts. Seemed like the officials had hard time Friday night. Heard quite a few complaints. But for the most part they did a good job.