Thursday, March 31, 2011


Day 2 on the Kokopelli Trail.
A longer day that started with cool temperatures.
Just the same
the sunrise was a beautiful sight
Beautiful views abound and the sunrise promised a good day on the trail.
Chris and John ready for the down hill ride back to the trail from the campsite.
Nothing technical for this 42 mile day as the trail was open dirt roads for the most part taking us past some spectacular scenery.

Mentioned in the guide book - some seasonal streams may be running wet. This shot of our first foray in that regard found us jumping (or like Chris - just a stepping) over a stream bed that was seasoned with cattle crossings.

The only wildlife encountered on the trail - gave us a look - wondering what we were doing out in the desert. Some antelope species.
Chris was riding in fine form and was our top notch map master.
It is high desert and why would anyone would want it any warmer than the 60+ degrees we had. Lunch stop with Chris's inventive sun shade.
Decent into a valley that would eventually take us out to the road towards Dewey Bridge.
Amazing rock formations abound.
This was a very good day of riding.
But, the campsite for the night might have been the highlight of the day.

Understand - the riding, scenery, challenges, camaraderie ... was outstanding on this
Spring Break Bike Adventure in the Desert
But what the Keiser family did for us - made the trip.
Great camp sites
home cooked meals
all the camping equipment you'd ever need
and wonderful fellowship.

The most spectacular camping setting - bar none! View from above.

We have a real shortage of pictures of Kathleen Porter
It was her camera. Stay tuned for more reports.....

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