Thursday, March 31, 2011


The season opener for the Iowa road scene.
We'll take a break on the Kokopelli - trip to the desert
The race is held on a closed three mile circuit.
There are plenty of hills and this killer hill near the finish line
John struggling with a group up the last hill
Richard Gilmore and his group

Landon Beachy
I couldn't find pictures of Keith Reynolds
who is looking forward to an active racing season
when he takes care of the bike mechanical
better luck with the next race.Mark Beatty and Rob Haaland ready to strike
Rob's first road race and he is looking forward to many more
Results can be found HERE
Results are difficult to determine in this event
There is a mass start with over 100 racers
there is a 15 second delay between the individual categories
it is impossible to really determine the overall placing.
Like Mark could have finished much high in the overall placing
had he not started in the 5th wave

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