Monday, September 5, 2011

Anchorage and the Kenai peninsula

The day I was hoping to see Mt McKinley was the only all day rain I had on the trip. Bummer! So what better to do than check out the bike shops in Wasilla and Anchorage. "Fat Bikes" are all the rage up there. They aren't only for snow but are considered an all terrain bike. Very interesting!
Whittier had a bunch of beautiful glaciers. Definitely worth a side trip to see. Only way in by land is thru a 2 mile long train tunnel every hour. A little tense keeping the wheels between the rails. That's where training on rollers paid off.    
Another worthwhile stop is the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Had lots of Alaska big game. Thought this might be the only Grizzly I'd get to see but did finally see one along the road in Alberta just north of the Montana border. Black bears were more common.    
It's hard to describe the beauty of the Fireweed, When I saw big patches of them where the Master Gardner planted them I just had to say, Wow!
A neat little town. Unfortunately my SD card was full and I didn't get any pictures of the Spit and the Halibut fisherman cleaning their catch. I'll be back with rest of the trip later.

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  1. Amazing pictures - what a trip you had. Can't wait to see more.