Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dalton Hwy to Prudhoe Bay

Ready to tackle The Dalton Highway aka the Haul Rd in The Ice Road Truckers show.
In Alaska everything seems to be LARGE. It's an awesome sight to see the pipeline running along the road as far as you can see. An engineering marvel.
Crossing the Arctic Circle again but 300 miles more to Prudhoe Bay. It was 11:00 on a beautiful  night. 
Oliver from San Fransisco, CA and Peter from Vancouver, BC were great guys to ride with for two days on the Dalton. Oliver was riding a 1970 Moto Guzzi. Good tires and common sense are essential for the Dalton. It can be from good pavement to potholes to super dusty to muddy to super slippery snot. Your speed will vary! 
Even the tundra has a beauty about it.
We made it. Met a fellow from MN who works 2 weeks and flys home for 2 weeks. Must be common to do that and he said it gets really long in the winter. I'll bet!


  1. So do all those thousands of miles on the bike - the motor bike - translate into Cross Skills? What a trip. Thanks for sharing

  2. I doubt it, other than it was really good to get on a bicycle again. We'll see what happens????

  3. Awesome trip pictures and report! Thanks for posting!

  4. hey Landon! yeah, man, that was some trip, wasn't it? thanks for joining us on that stretch!
    greetings from san francisco and a happy new (riding) year!