Thursday, October 6, 2011


Stepping it up
Rather late in my racing career I have added Carson Christens
ZOOM performance
and some science to our training routine

If you work out regularly, you know that oxygen plays an important role in cardiovascular fitness. Maximizing your capacity to take in and utilize oxygen will improve your aerobic performance and help you reach your fitness goals.

Our first test is the VO 2 Max test.

Getting fit on the bike

Hooking up the equipment that is going to measure the O2 uptake

What in hell am I doing
doing the test
every minute the wattage is increased
until your RPM's fall below 60
Carson giving out much needed encouragement

Watching the numbers on the big screen
The big effort is done

Kathleen Porter
going through the same routine

If you want a high VO2 max, choose your parents carefully. One group of scientists concluded that heredity determines up to 50 percent of your endurance ability. Still, that leaves 50 percent that can be influenced by training.
... Carefully adding and monitoring your interval workouts is the key to improving your
VO 2 Max...

getting some science

Now if I can get my respiratory troubles resolved
I might be ready for X NATIONALS
in January.

See you on the dirt.

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  1. Are the results encouraging? If Carson needs more victims err I mean subjects let me know.