Saturday, October 8, 2011


Hard to top riding single track in the sun and warmth of 80 degrees in early October. In Iowa no less. Beautiful fall colors and warm winds made for an outstanding 29er outing for Twisted Spokes folks Scott B., Rob H., Kat and John A. The ICORR trail system there is outstanding; well marked with several different loops off the main loops.

Scott Bradfield leading the way on single track putting his new Trek 29er into action.
Trails in great condition - hardpacked and dry with a shallow carpet of leaves.

Kat keeping to the Plan for the day - a couple of hours of Zone 3 - done.

Rob Haaland also breaking in His new 29er - getting the feel of the big wheels and learning a whole new bike set up and mind set with dirt riding.

A closer look at Scott's new Trek full suspension 29er.

Sugarbottom has these amazing pine forest sections carpeted with pine needles that were wafting down around us. No better place on a bike than to be in the woods on a windy day.

Did hit up some of the blackdiamond loops - fun to try the more technical trails - but John says it is all technical if you go fast enough.

Rob getting around Scott on a more technical section.

Whoa - Rob's walking too!

Scott's jersey zipper didn't want to cooperate - nice pin job!

some additional information can be found HERE.
Also check out the ICORR fb page for some upcoming night ride events.

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