Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The last day in Alaska

I met Marion and Aurel from France who are in their 3rd year of a World Tour on motorcycle. A great adventure to be sure! You can meet some very interesting people on two wheels.They had a quote on their panniers, "Four wheels moves the body but two wheels moves the soul". Thought provoking!

Marion did a fantastic job grilling steak and cooking veggies on a wood fire. They invited me to join them almost as soon as I pulled into Thompson's Motorcycle Only Campground in Tok.

They didn't have a sign like this where I crossed into Alaska so I had to get a picture when I left. It's an awesome state!

British Columbia was also very scenic and beautiful with lots of black bears feeding in the ditch toward evening. Never seemed wise to stop right then and take pictures since I was riding alone.

I love the Fireweeds that are common up north. Had to add an extra layer this night and found out it was 33 degrees in the morning. Coldest of the trip.

Mount Robson is the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, 12,972 ft. Starting to look familiar now. I rode through this area while doing the Rocky Mountain 1200 Km Brevet on a bicycle in 2004.  

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