Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The Spokes showed up
Towed the line
and made a good showing
at the
Kat showing good form over the barriers
and up the run up
and staying with one of her main competitorsand posingAnd winning the Old Girls CatGold and Cash
a good day

Richard Gilmore on the run up
and remounting
and looking good as well
Landon Beachy sprinting to his Gold medal in the 55+ Cat
Small celebration for an excellent race.
not only winning his Cat. but placing very well in the Overall

Eric Wehr
The podium shot for the 4's
got very informal for the rest of the presentations

Full results can be found HERE

Sophie was the fastest AND voted the Most popular and likely to succeed...

Congratulations to all of the 2011 State Champions!
Gold: Kevin McConnell
Silver: Matias Perret
Bronze: Steven Robinson

Women's CX1/2:
Gold: Brittany McConnell
Silver: Robin Williams
Bronze: Lisa Vetterlein

Gold: Alex Libin
Silver: Nate Hicks
Bronze: Matt Nagel

Women's CX3:
Gold: Vanessa Curtis
Silver: Kate Clark
Bronze: Cara Hamann

Masters 35-44:
Gold: Jerome Rewerts
Silver: Lee Venteicher
Bronze: Bill Durkee

Masters 45-54:
Gold: Larry Kitner
Silver: Don Maschka
Bronze: John Stonebarger

Masters 55-99:
Gold: Landon Beachy
Silver: David Delperdang
Bronze: James Hopson

Women's Masters 35-44:
Gold: Andrea Venteicher

Women's Masters 45-54:
Gold: Kathleen Porter
Silver: Sandra Dunivan
Bronze: Leanne Buell

Juniors 10-18:
Gold: William Rekemeyer
Silver: Ian Henriksen
Bronze: Ryan Lueth

Women's Juniors 10-18:
Gold: Alijah Beatty

Single Speed:
Gold: Matias Perret
Silver: Kevin Severs
Bronze: Brian Fuhrmann

Gold: Matthew Zimmer
Silver: Joe Peterson
Bronze: Eric Wehr

Women's CX4:
Gold:Janan Felts
Silver: Jessica Riedl


  1. Kinda different to see you on the sidelines and not on the start line. Thanks for your encouragement and hope to see you racing soon. Nationals??????

  2. Yeah, we are hoping for Nationals. I'm still not allowed on the bike - outdoors. Doing what I can on a stationary bike - not even the rollers.