Monday, December 19, 2011

NATIONALS CROSS - getting ready

Are just around the corner
Jan 4-8 2012

We have the Midwest Regional Race
on the Nationals cross outside of Madison Wisconsin
Several hundred X racers showed up to check out the Nationals course

A very challenging, bumpy, rough
Kathleen Porter and Landon Beachy
were eager to preview the setting -
hopefully gaining a head start on their National competition.

Pictures by Kim Peirce
Nice photography

John's preparation ...
The cast is off - but a long way to go
This is what my X bikes have been doing for the last five weeks -
hanging out with the road, TT and MTB's
I have been able to get to the Cedar Falls Recreation Center
And workout on on one these.
It is nothing like racing and riding/training outside.
But it is way better than nothing
and fun to race with the computer's programs
I have had great help from Carson Christens and his Zoom outfit
and Training Peaks.

For the Nats
USA Cycling has a race predictor.
Check out your friends chances HERE
This list is not a very accurate
but it gives us a rough idea of how things are going to unfold.


  1. Good luck guys with training and racing next month at Nats.

  2. Humbled to say the least. A long course and will need to be right on to get any where on this course. Thanks for the fine post.

  3. We also have Mark and Alijah Beatty getting ready for the national event. We wish them well.

  4. Well done John - persevering through all odds.