Monday, October 22, 2012

A Little Wisconsin X Racing

Indian Summer brought some fantastic weather for Cross racing in Sun Prairie, WI this past weekend. John in great form over the only set of barriers on what was a super fun course.

Part of the WCA series - The race venue at Sheehan Park had many flowing sections including this off-camber stretch that led to some switchbacks on the back end of the course.

John topping out of a sort of long climb up to an abrupt hump in the middle of the course. Which happens to be the lower end of the mean huge hump in the course as can be seen in the next picture.

John coming to the approach of A really hard section here that some ran the very vertical climb and others - like the big boys and girls Rode up with ease.  Never tried it - and now wish we had.

KAT finally racing W3's had her A** handed to her with a poor start and never got caught up.  A good threshold workout though!

Awesome racing and looking forward to more.  Stay tuned for highlights from our top Junior racer's weekend in the Chicago Cup Cyclocross series race.

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