Monday, October 15, 2012


Last Sunday CVAST 
Cedar Valley Soft Trails
Held their first MTB Race on The George Wyth  Park dirt 
There was a lot of rain just before the start of the event
But at race time the trails had dried out considerably.
Many of the interested competitors stayed away with a concerned about the possible muddy conditions.
But in the end - all the racers were very happy with the event.
Below are pictures of many of the participants

Crazy Cory in action - talented on the bike and Painting Too - look him up if you need a painting job done.

Yahoo for  Heather Wiltse - One of the brave women who came out for some great racing amongst the wet and the boys.

Awesome tree tunnel section - the Willows.  That was soggy and hard for at least one of the racers.


Awesome Scott G. railing it in the woods.  6 Lap Champ who had negative splits for the day and the only one to Lap the Old Girl Kat.

Railing it Heather!  Well Done.

And this looks like Mike Johnson - Endurance Mtn Biker who is looking to change things up for 2013 and planning to race the "Great Divide" or in French  - Le Tour Divide

  And here is the Gresgster - who has passed over to the Fattyside.  Ever since he got this fatty - he has left his 29ner in the garage or where ever the bike bunk bed is.  He Won the 3 lap race on that thing. Well done and bring on the Fattitude!

Spectators that would be David Adamson and Sophie Adamson.  A walk in the GW woods and cheering the racers on.

Is this Bidwell - off the horsey Saddle and onto the Mtn Bike.  Very good to see this talented guy at the races.

So this would be Zachary - young protege of the Runner's Flat Guru. Well done.

Yeah - Alan  - racing well in the woods. Passed the Kat Girl like she was standing still.  Perhaps she was.

Here comes Kat.

Benny on the Fat bike Too  - all the way to 2nd place on the Short race - awesomeness - Is that a word??  So Fat Bikes take 1-2 in the short and 3rd in the long. And would that be the witty Captain Bob hugging Benny's wheel? 

Thanks to the folks of CVAST for putting on this event.

and especially to Chris of BikeTech for his leadership.

Hoping for more in 2013

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