Friday, December 14, 2012


 I had a chance to X race in Grand Junction last weekend.
The have a four race series with courses set up in both G J and Fruita
This was the last race of the season - for the entire Western Slope.
I signed up for the B race and hoped to compete in the A's  as well.
The course was relatively flat with several tight technical parts and an impossibly long sand pit.
There were about 40 of us and I was very happy with my 9th place finish.
And that included one wipe out in a 180 turn and dropping my chain following the sand pile.

When I asked about signing up for the second event
the registrar had no idea and just said if you are crazy enough to do two races - go ahead.
No fee, no new number, no release, no idea.
There were maybe 25 of us in the A race -
and I believe I got 9th or 10th.
I wasn't in the results - I guess I wasn't an official competitor.
It was a great day of racing.
Next year they plan on about 10 X races in the series
with several of them in our Roaring Forks Valley (Carbondale area)
I guess that's it until Nationals in Madtown Wisc.


  1. Looks like more people are riding MTB bikes. Like the good old grass roots days.

  2. Yeah, X racing is a bit younger here than in Iowa - but there are some ferocious competitors in the area.