Wednesday, December 12, 2012

MidWest Regional Cyclocross Championships

A few Iowa racers representing Twisted Spokes and some other teams stepped up to get a real taste of Cyclocross in the snow. It wasn't the blizzard that was further north but enough to get the ground covered in Madison.  The races in Verona - just outside of Madison were held on the same course as National Cyclocross Championships which will be January 9 - 13th 2013. Note - prices have increased but there is still time to get registered.

Kat's report: I lined up behind the first row of racers one of whom was Alijah who is now racing the W3s.The day started out with snow and it didn't let up until mid afternoon.  Lots of snowflakes continuously fell sticking to the grass and dirt and mostly melting on pavement. It wasn't too cold - low 30s which made for heavy wet snow. On a pre-ride - the snow covered grasses were surprising easy to ride - at least the bike felt good.  The whole course was set up pretty much the same as Nationals last year with the snow making the tight sections slippery and muddy.  

Off to a great start - 3rd off the pavement and on to the wide open field which winds around some before heading to the first hill climb. 

Kat heading for the long uphill.
It starts with a steep section that I had to run up each time getting passed by those who could run/climb faster than. Same on the stairs section. I would hold off some of these women and some got around me too. Get me off the bike and it is like I'm standing still.  Need to work on that.
Awesome picture from Kim Pierce
The mountain bike skills came into play on the down hill sections with washouts easy to happen before smoothing out to the barriers.  
Kat at the top of the barriers with the Snowman Sentinel.
Tried to pass a girl on the twisty sections taking an inside line but she started running the course going faster than I was on the bike.  Had to run the sand as well.  

Still snowing - and keeping it up right.
 There goes another position.  Back on the bike for the climb and managed to get back one girl and then lost it again on a wipe out heading back to the paved road which was starting to get more slush and snow build-up for the successive laps.  

Snow Starting to build up on the road to the finish line.

Good racing effort for the majority of the race, happy with my bike handling and finishing the race in 9th. Really it was fun racing hearing all the cheers by other Iowans. Results can be found here Now focusing on the training going for Nationals - come what may.

Thanks to Tara Coady and Kim Pierce for some spectacular pictures of the races and all the cheers!

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  1. That's some story. I hope the conditions are about the same for Nationals - might help us against the fair weather folks - you know - Florida, Texas California ...
    In my dreams,