Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 USA Cyclocross National Championships - The Republic of Boulder

The crowds did not disappoint as they came out in droves to cheer the Elite Pro Men and Women on to National Championships. An awesome opportunity to see them in action right in front of you. The racing was very fast - compared to the previous days when the 8 inches of snow from the last weekend persistently clung to the hillsides and the rest of the winding technical course. Jeremy Powers - the new 2014 National Champion turned in sub-8 minute laps - 7:30 and even lower 7:00. Here are a few shots taking in the day - the fans, racers, media and Boulder.
Results for the elite can be found HERE

On the sunny hillside waiting for the action to begin.
Elle Anderson hanging in second place on the long run up steps
Long time favorite - Meridith Miller racing for 3rd place.
 The run away winner - Jeremy Powers riding the pavement like dirt
Katie Compton racing to her 10th Women's title. A great Champion
A very interesting video of the racing in difficult conditions - Thursday
Frozen ruts, snow, elbows and spills
several thousand spectators having a great time in Boulder's Valmont Park
Jeremy Powers across the finish line and ready to meet the huge press group
Ryan Trebon crossing the line by himself for the Silver medal.
Next, a report from/about the rest of us


  1. Here is a video where the conditions were similar to the 60 and up races. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTna7fKOeB4
    Nothing at all like Sunday, dry and fast. Wish we could have been so fortunate!

  2. What a mess. Lots of squealing brakes. Powers turned in one lap in under 7 minutes - that's ahhhh nearly twice as fast as I rode. I did like the course, but wish it could have been dry for us too.