Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cross Nationals - part 2 - Kathleen Porter

 Kathleen would never pass up a chance to race her bike
whether it is a roller race, road race, crit, mt bike, long, short, tt or
 It is not only the chance to race her bike 
it is the opportunity to travel, watch the races, support her friends and teammates and just hang out.
 On the national level we get to race out true age groups.

 Here is a great video by our good friend Dave Maple - the publisher of Momentum Magazine
out of Des Moines.
No Spokes - but a very good feeling for the event and a focus on the fast folks

The conditions for Kat's race were all over the place - snow, ice, and mud
A lot of steps - one of the hardest sections of the race. That's not Kat? Any ideas??
Kat in the mix with her 50-54 age group competitors - fight her way down the rough and tumble hill
This course had a lot of off camber sections - perhaps too many.
Here's our fearless girl on the big stair step run up
Still smiling in the snow, ice and mud
On the hill side with the long back part of the course above
The condition of the course got more muddy as her race went on - maybe easier?

finishing the second lap
A very good day at the races - finishing far better than her expectations.
 " I just don't want to finish in last place"
She did way better.

1204.51Ann Trombley   Nederland, CO32:56 35956  261Y 
2220.18Leeann Storino   Carlsbad, CA33:58 16006  256Y Celo Pacific
3235.85Michele Bliss   Boulder, CO35:27 60539  241Y Team Small Batch

4251.52Julie Lewis-Sroka   N Royalton, OH36:03 143111  247Y Lake Effect Cycling Team

5267.19Deirdre Garvey   Boulder, CO36:18 68552  243Y High Peaks Masters

6282.86Victoria Sama   Arcata, CA37:02 89361  254Y Adventures Edge

7298.53Kathryn Judson   Arvada, CO37:55 47161  246Y Green Mountain Sports Velo

8314.20Susan Prieto   Boulder, CO38:24 219062  250Y Blue Sky Velo
9329.87Susan Thompson   Los Angeles, CA40:25 187715  259Y Celo Pacific

10345.54Julie Thompson   Saint Paul, MN40:55 327888  258Y Mt. Borah Epic Team

11361.21Sarah Barber   Cedar Rapids, IA40:57 312930  240Y Goosetown Racing Club

12376.88Renee Abboud   Broomfield, CO41:17 408498  239Y Boulder Cycle Sport

13392.55Lisa Fitzgerald   Salt Lake City, UT41:54 278343  287Y 

14408.22Karen Smith   Arvada, CO41:55 280895  255Y Old School Racing

15423.89Sue Rawley   Flagstaff, AZ42:04 29243  251Y 

16439.56Darcy Tiglas   Loveland, CO42:06 255031  260Y Fort Collins Cycling Team

17455.23Kathleen Porter   Cedar Falls, IA44:44 236465  249Y Twisted Spokes Racing Team

18470.90Sally Higgins   Arvada, CO45:02 364228  244Y Boulder Cycle Sport

19486.57Keli Roberts   Pasadena, CA31:42 162320  253Y PAA/REMAX

20502.24Lesli Cohen   Worcester, MA32:16 412817  242Y Hup United

21517.91Teresa Jarzemkoski   Shawnee, KS34:42 155694  245Y Slimenundgrossen

22533.58Sandy Mercurio   Boulder, CO39:14 349978  248Y Groove Subaru Excel Sports

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  1. What a great post - Fun it was and what a great racing time and hanging out with friends, family and fun. Kat