Thursday, January 30, 2014


The old guys races at Cross Nationals
This was the 5th time that Landon and John have gone to the big event.
And probably not the last
All the information a person could want - right HERE

Landon lining up in the front row of the 60-64 year old cat. - a good place to be for the hole shot

And they're off - the 65-69 old guys
Did the scenic background make the effort any easier?  The off camber(side hill) sections did not make it any easier

We had Ice, Snow, Frozen Ruts and rarely a good line to follow.
It was very difficult navigating the course and made all the harder by the stacked fields with the best in the nation fighting it out
The side hill - looking rather easy - it was not.
It was hard all day in every way
OK - the finish line was easy going.
Years past both John and Landon have been on the podium at X Nats, and this year there was some hope, but there are a lot of things that have to line up just right to make the top five in the country.  TRAINING HEALTH INJURIES REST MECHANICALS ATTITUDE SUPPORT COURSE CONDITIONS WHO SHOWS UP - AGE WITHIN YOUR AGE GROUP .... didn't happen this year. Disappointed - yes, but not discouraged.

We sure do enjoy hanging - rubbing shoulders with greatness - out with Iowa's Pro, Amanda Miller

It was a good time - racing, watching the races, and hanging out.
What do you think ?
Austin, Tx - 2015
These guys are going to be there - even if they are one year older in their age group.

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  1. Excellent post and racing by you two!! Difficult conditions but beautiful setting. On to Austin!