Monday, June 15, 2015

Tour of Galena Road Race

Race Report from Joel Mason:

 I came in 15th out of 58 racers in Cat 4.  There were 5 monster climbs on each lap and we did 2 laps for about 45 miles.  I had attacked early in the race and shook off only the weakest riders.  The real selection happened on the last climb on the first lap.  I got caught in a bad position along with a XXX racer and we got detached from the lead group on the climb (too much traffic).  Fortunately, we worked well together and chased back on before the 2nd lap started.  So that made us a lead group of 16 racers, but I had burned 2 matches at that point.  On the third climb of the second lap I started cramping.  On that climb we dropped one racer and then the accelerations started occurring regularly.  With the cramping, I just couldn't stay with the lead group.  I was dropped quickly on the second to last climb.  So, for me, I rode solo back into Galena for 15th place.  I was minutes ahead of anyone behind me, so it was a nice "peaceful" finish.  Beautiful country and a big event.  Downtown Galena was a mad house - I couldn't believe the crowds shopping/dining on main street.

Joel in the pack on a climb

Joel and his Dad downtown Galena.

Well done Joel - toeing the line and racing hard!  Excellent results and Good Luck at Clear Lake!

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  1. Nice report, Joey. Always interesting to hear of the race dynamics - Hang on to those matches.