Monday, June 29, 2015


A hard day  on the MTB racing 100K of very challenging  gravel in Cedar City Utah.  The main motivation for entering the event was to test my conditioning for the 50 and 100 mile events in Leadville this summer and of course to get a good hard workout as well.  I also wanted to meet up with my sister in law and brother who spend time in the Cedar City Shakespeare Festive each summer.  Judy is a very fine costumer and it was a thrill to see her work in "Charlie's Aunt".  AND, to share an event with my old training partner and friend Kathleen Porter.

This course is all up or  down  with about 5-10 miles of riding some rollers up on top.  The first climb of 7 miles has just over 3000 feet of elevation and I ended up doing just fine with that climb - making up several places, but during the hardest  initial two miles I started having some doubts about ability, my future in bike racing and life in general.   Over the last five years years I have lost a lot of speed - and have been left with endurance and being a hard-ass guy, so I ended up doing up I do - endured.  kept turning the peddles over.  And I do have that new fancy FS rig coming - can hardly give up now.
 I have no pictures of my own - these came from the fire road site.

 My numbers were just fine
final time 6:04
age group place 7th of 20
overall place - 185 of 335
KOM - 5 of 20 in age goup
These numbers are of all the entrants
 I think I'll go back nest year and do the 60K event - man that was hard

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