Wednesday, July 8, 2015

No home court advantage

Nice to have a brand new event making an even playing field for the old timers and those of us who are new timers.  Few of the racers had ever been on the course.  I went early and used a FS rig from Aloha Cycles that has the same geometry as the bike I am buying from them and had a chance to get a great warm up.  Unfortunately I did not get to ride the last 1 1/2 miles - which might have been my down fall for the race.  Our starting group was much smaller than most of the Aspen Training Races with about 20 racers.  I got a great start on the uphill  roll out and was in first place going into the the single track but was passed as soon as the dirt went down hill by three school boys.  I had a good lead on the older guy that I was hoping to beat.  Positions stayed the same until  that last 1 1/2 mile and I missed a huge drop off and hit my head so hard that nothing was quite right after that.  I just had trouble for the rest of the race staying on the path  and on the bike.  My competitor and a young woman passed and I was lucky to hang on to sixth place.
A good race course and a great effort.  I think the FS bike made a big difference in the new and rocky course. 
Sure hope I get the new bike before the Silver Rush in Leadville

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