Saturday, May 26, 2012

Snake Alley 2012

After a 2 year hiatus from this momentous race-  Twisted Spokes racer John Adamson has more than outdone himself with a spectacular day of racing. Also Tom Klenske, Leif Lujan, Alijah Beatty and Kat Porter put it out there for the Twisted Spokes.  More pictures and results to come.  For the time being - here is a little something.

And the 50+&60+ are off.  Some fine fast and strong racers.  Take your choice.

Tom digging hard just to get TO the start of the Snake.  Nice work! Great to see his support crew of Tad and Dillon too!  This is some Hard race! And what fun to spectate!

A shot of the Snake - with our Twisted Spokes guys working it.

John just gave Leif some encouragement and good words as only he can do.  What a group of 15+ Juniors lining up for the race.  Many are from out of Iowa bringing some real competition to the Jr races.

Well done to all  - Leif working his best; Alijah racing to 2nd in her field; and John also 2nd in his cat.  Tom Klenske was  right in the mix for his 'Race' of the season(??). And For the Kat - she finished - just barely - and many thanks to all the support. What a great hard race!  Stay tuned for more.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Good report and pictures and good racing yourself. Looking forward to Rock Island.